The Fallacy of Becoming

Many people live their entire lives trying to be like others.

The fallacy of Becoming is that we think we will be happy and everything will fall into line if only we can be like someone else.

When the need to “become” is motivated by self-denial or self-contempt, this is a form of scarcity mentality.

Being inspired by someone is very different from rejecting who you are.

This just builds more resistance and resistance = scarcity.

Practice Being the Observer today. What is your motivation for “becoming”?

Ask A Question

In Abundance Intelligence, we define Conditioning as living someone else’s answers about your life.

Every time you take your thoughts, beliefs and actions for granted, you are living more from your Conditioned Truth than your Authentic Truth.

How do you turn this around?

Ask a question.

Practice Being the Observer today. What question will you wake up to?

What Are You Evolving?


You are always evolving.

The question is – what are you evolving?

Are you evolving your scarcity or your abundance?

Every time you choose to wake up, to Practice Being the Observer, to ask a question and then answer honestly and authentically, you are choosing to evolve your abundance.

It’s that simple.

Everything begins with a question!

So stop trying to find the perfect answers and shift your focus to asking great questions.

That’s the beginning of De-Conditioning.

Practice Being the Observer. What question will you ask today?

How are you seen in the world?

In our society, Vulnerability is mostly viewed as a weakness.

In Abundance Intelligence however, we view Vulnerability as a strength.

It takes strength to allow people to see the true you.

It takes strength to be who you are in the midst of a world that screams at you to fit in and be like everyone else.

It’s the kind of strength that pays huge dividends.

Practice Being the Observer today. How can you choose to be seen in the world?

The Great Realization

The greatest moment of awakening is when a person realizes that they are 100% responsible for everything in their life.

It’s a double edged sword, isn’t it?

We want the control, but sometimes we don’t want the responsibility.

The great news about this realization is that it means we are 100% in control of our lives when we are being who we are and doing what we CAN do.

This is Abundance Intelligence.

Practice Being the Observer today. What do you choose to control? What do you choose to let go of?

The Tipping Point of Caretaking

How do you know when Caretaking has become a source of scarcity?

Caretaking no longer serves us abundantly when it causes us to lose sight of who we are and ignore our own needs.

Being of service is abundant.

Being of service to your own detriment is scarcity.

Practice Being the Observer. What gift can you choose to give yourself today?

Losing Yourself

Caretaking is the first Conditioned Pattern in the Illusion of Control.

Caretaking becomes a form of scarcity when our Self-Worth is connected to how much we do, or take on, for others.

When we begin to neglect ourselves, make inauthentic decisions or lose ourselves in some way by taking responsibility for someone else’s life, we have fallen into resistance.

Practice Being the Observer today. Is there a tipping point to your Caretaking?

The Courage To Choose

In western society, Surrender often means giving up, throwing in the white flag, defeat.

Those who practice Abundance Intelligence know that Surrender is an Abundance Aptitude for a reason.

To Surrender to what you can’t control, to offer no resistance takes great strength and courage.

Observing your Illusions and then choosing not to act on them is the great opportunity.

Practice Being the Observer today. What are you holding onto that is no longer serving you abundantly?

The Grass Is Greenest Where You Water It!

Freedom Friday!

How often do we tell ourselves that the grass is greener on the other side, that someone else knows better than we do, that we can’t take charge of our lives?

How often do we play the waiting game, hoping someone or something else will make decisions and changes for us so we don’t have to?

This is the Illusion of Hope and passive hope is not a strategy!

Abundance Intelligence is about active hope – doing what you CAN do! Remember – the grass is greenest where you water it!

Practice Being the Observer today. What (or who) are you waiting for?

The Willingness to Let Go

To Surrender is more than the opposite of the Illusion of Control.

Surrender is not about losing, giving up or giving in.

Surrender is a choice based on your Authentic Truth.

When we embrace Surrender, we are embracing what we can control and letting go of everything else.

In this way, we experience happiness and flow.

Practice Being the Observer today. What does Surrender mean to you?